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Hostono & Associates. Connecting Homeowners and Businesses with their Rightful Assets.

We are a private firm that specializes in recovering lost assets held by government agencies and connecting these assets with their rightful owner. These assets include funds, estates, vehicles, and more. We handle the entire filing process from start to finish and handle every detail. Schedule a consultation with us today to see what is owed to you!


We specialize in researching and retriving personal assets owed to individuals.


We strive to help business owners help retieve property and unclaimed assets held by the government.


Finding lost assets owed to heirs can be a difficult task. We strive to connect heirs to estates and funds owed to them.


We help beginning investors with newly obtained estates how to maximize their returns.

Collect the funds that are owed to you.

I have money owed to me? Most homeowners don’t realize that certain government agencies may be holding funds owed to them. This may be from an inheritance, tax return, insurance policy, wages, foreclosure, rentals, clerical errors, and the list goes on.

At Hostono & Associates, we consistently monitor government state platforms to see who is owed. Once we determine who is owed, we employ top-notch private investors/skiptracers to find the homeowner.

Once we are able to find the homeowner, we explain the situation and inform them that they may have funds owed to them. We work on a contingency-fee based agreement meaning we do not charge any fees upfront until we successfully recovery the funds. In the rare case that we are unable to recover the funds, you will not have to pay a dime. In short, we don’t charge until you get paid.

If you received a direct call from us, that means that you may have assets held by a government agency that are owed to you. And we would love to work with you in recovering those funds.

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Hostono & Associates

Estate Planning & Asset Auditing Services

Serving Homeowners Nationwide

We help mentor you through your          estate inheritance.

Did you receive an estate inheritance using our services? Receiving an        unexpected property in your hands can be overwhelming, especially when it’s located out of state. There are many questions such as selling, lawn care,        maintenance, code enforcement violates, renting out, and the list goes on. 

At Hostono & Associates, we offer invaluable estate consultations to help guide you to successfully managing your new inheritance. Give us a call today

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Why did I recieve a call from Hostono & Associates?

Do I really have funds owed to me?

You may have plenty of questions and rightfully so. Please check out our FAQ page for answers:  FAQ Page

Or, simply give us a call at: 1-(833)-901-9990

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